What to write in a baby card

Christmas portrait of cute little newborn baby boy, wearing santa hat and little cute snowman toy, studio shot, winter time

Babies are the most beautiful gift from God. Say something Interesting to a newborn baby? Check bellow massages:

In addition if you need any cute baby picture or image to add on your cards to surprise her mom?

In our collection you get best newborn baby messages to write on Card.

Bonus Content: Making a baby happy, Is not easy. Send a Cute and Awesome Graphics Design Cards.

Short Newborn Baby Wishes

  1. I wish you good luck changing diapers and eating time.

  2. Hot wishes to the newborn and also to happy parents.

  3. Just say hello to a new family member! He (she) could not go to better parents!

  4. New joy to have in their hands! Waiting to cuddle with him!

  5. Congratulations on a new set of joy! May your world be full of love.

  6. New little arrival is a great joy! I am sure your second child is beautiful.

  7. Fatherhood is one of the best trips in life. Enjoy the ride

  8. We are always here to take care of children and make extra bottles.

  9. We are very happy for you and for the arrival of your new son.

  10. I wish you joy, happiness and many wonderful moments together.

  11. Welcome to the world (baby name). May you always be safe and comfortable.

  12. Welcome to the small world, this is a place full of admiration and miracles.

  13. I wish you a great future, happiness & laugh with your new babies.

  14. I wish you happiness, laughter and joy for life.

  15. Wish for you all the best in the interesting new phase of your life with a new kids.

  16. I wish many years of good health for you and your baby, love, and happiness.

Medium Newborn Baby Wishes

  1. You are blessed to have a new baby in the world and I hope to see this sweet blessing.

  2. Well-wishings to being a new proud parent! Let these tiny feet tiptoe with love in their hearts and stay there forever!

  3. Your newborn baby (girl) is the perfect little package, from your head to your feet. I am sure they will be the best parents in the world!

  4. Best wishes for your new life and your new son with your entire family.

  5. I just received news about an angel who will make your presence felt in your life! Get ready for a laugh, a lot of noise and a big hug!

  6. We wish your new baby a long and happy life with laugh, fun, and love.

  7. No tape can measure to what extent a child can become a treasure of parents. Congratulations

  8. When we raise our children, it teaches us how to live and makes us realize what it really means to give. Congratulations for being a mother.

  9. The father is so beautiful, the mother is so beautiful, it is not surprising that your newborn is so cute. Congratulations

  10. I wish very much happiness, welcome the new bundle of joy for the whole family!

  11. What a beautiful moment in your life that will never forget. The birth of your child is what changes you to infinity.

  12. This may be your first child, but it certainly is not the last. I can see in the photos that this is what you did.

  13. Congratulations! I believe you have a happy and healthy journey onward of your whole family.

Long Newborn Baby Wishes

  1. Congratulations Now is the time to enjoy the little feet and the smell of your baby. It will not be there forever, and you should take as many photos as possible. You will want to miss a precious moment!

  2. The birth of your newborn will open a new phase of your life. Now you are no longer just a man and a wife. Maturity and wisdom will always envelop your behavior and personality. Now you have become a loving mother and a responsible father. Congratulations

  3. Having a child turns a wife and husband into mom and dad. When you decide to become a parent, you will be wiser and more mature, having acquired a new and deep love for the incredible child you were born. Congratulations on the birth of the baby.

  4. Let your new bundle of joy bring happiness to your life and fill the void in your heart. Feel proud of the love and education of your little miracle. I know you will be the best father you can be.

  5. Let the future of your child be brighter than the sunbeam, let your little boy fulfill all his dreams. Congratulations to your newborn.

  6. Congratulations to the new parents with the entry into the world of constant screaming, changing diapers and late dinner.

  7. The experience of being a father is priceless, even if your nights are left without sleep and your living room becomes disordered. Congratulations for having a baby.

  8. The part of your heart that was in your stomach now is a permanent part of your life. Congratulations for such a beautiful girl.

  9. At birth, if your baby is such a doll, imagine how lovely she will be when she learns to crawl? Congratulations



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