Newborn Skin peeling Tips – Why Occur, Treatment, When Should Take To Doctor


Having a baby is a dream come true for every parent. A baby on your lap is exciting for a parent. After giving birth, newborn skin peeling sucks, your primary and most obvious concern are to keep your baby healthy and safe. 

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In some situations, you might see your newborn is starting to peel off the skin after weeks of birth. You can get rid of that embarrassing situation when you know the causes of this sickness. 

Why does Newborn skin peeling occur?

After birth, the skin of your baby can change a lot during the first weeks. This is a fairly normal case for a newborn. Your baby’s hair color can also change as well as the hair density. It may become lighter or denser.

Before leaving the hospital or after coming back home, within some days or weeks you may start seeing your newborn skin peeling is happening. As I said earlier, this is a normal condition for a newborn baby. Skin peeling can occur on any part of the body. It can happen to hands, fingers, feet or ankles. 

Now let’s see why this newborn skin peeling happens to the baby. Newborns are born with various fluids covered by its body. The fluids include Vernix, blood and Amniotic fluid. Vernix is a thick greasy like coating which protects the baby’s skin from Amniotic fluid. Right after birth, a nurse generally wipes out the fluids from a newborn’s body. Once the Vernix fluid is gone out of the outer layer of the skin, the baby starts to shed the outer layer of the old skin within one (1) to three (3) weeks. The amount of skin peeling depends on multiple things. It depends on whether the baby was born premature, delivered on time or overdue. 

At birth, the more Vernix is there on the skin of the baby, the less it’ll peel. Generally, premature babies have more Vernix. So, a premature baby often peels less than a baby born on or after 40 weeks. Whatever the case, some dryness and some peeling are normal after birth. It’ll go away on its own and generally doesn’t need any special care. 

There are also some other cases of skin peeling like Eczema, Ichthyosis. Eczema causes red, dry and itchy patches on your baby’s skin. Though this condition is rare after birth. But it can develop later. Exposing to shampoo or detergent can cause Eczema. Dairy products, toys can also trigger Eczema to some newborn babies. A doctor may recommend some special moisturizing cream to get rid of it. 

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Expert Treatment of peeking skin

So, now we have gone the causes of newborn skin peeling. Now it’s time to know what to do and how to treat it.

First, make baths short and sweet. A long bath can take away your baby’s skin’s vital moisture and hydration. Take a shorter time to bathe your baby. A five to seven minutes session is good enough for your newborn baby’s bath. Don’t make it longer than that. 

Second thing is, don’t bath your baby multiple times. Once a day is the most perfect number for a newborn baby. But don’t skip bathing. If you are on the go or in a hurry, you can use no-rinse soothing cleansing water. It’ll keep your baby clean. 

A hot water bath is bad for all ages of people. And it is most harmful to a newborn. Hot water dries out the skin resulting in a sudden skin peeling for a newborn. And if your baby’s skin is already peeling, don’t use too hot water. 100 ° F is an ideal temperature for your baby’s bath. Use a baby cleanser, not soap. And during a bath, wash your newborn with a cleanser made with natural ingredients for babies. 

If your baby’s skin feels dry, you should put hypoallergenic moisturizer to your baby’s skin at least twice a day. You should also put it after the bath. This cream will help keep the moisture intact after a bath. 

Here are some more things to avoid newborn skin peeling,

  • Add Bath Oil
  • Avoid Cold Air and Wind
  • Use a Humidifier
  • Wash Your Bay’s Clothing with Gentle Detergents
  • Wash Your Baby’s Cloth with Right Detergent and Dress Up the Right Clothing
  • Give your newborn plenty of milk.

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When should I take my baby to a doctor?

As I said, newborn skin peeling is absolutely normal. But there are some cases where a newborn was taken to a family doctor. But it is a rare case. Only if you see your baby’s skin is red, cracked or extremely itchy, you should visit a doctor as early as possible. 

Most of the time, newborn skin peeling will recover soon enough. By this time, try all the methods listed above to get rid of it and keep your baby’s skin moisture. Add lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad, and you’ll have a happy, comfy baby in no time!

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