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Newborn Baby Care at first month, mother hold her newborn baby in her leap

Welcome to your family Every day is not clear and it will be difficult to find the time to do anything else to meet the needs of your child.

In the time of the 1st month, babies need to feed frequently because of unpredictable sleep habits in this time. Many are still sleepy and, in addition to being awake, they sleep to feed themselves.

Feed Tips

In the age of first month babies need to feed or eat at least 6 times in 24 hours. If you are able to breastfeed then this could raise up to 12 times. Please don’t control feed time for babies & let baby to determine how many time and how often he / she wanted to eat. if not, babies are sick or premature, babies will know when they need to eat and will satisfied with the amount of milk in her stomach.

Sleep Tips

Give your babies multiple opportunities to sleep & be sensitive to his sleep signals. The novelty of having a baby at home probably has not disappeared yet. It is easy to handle too many small babies that, although performed with the best intentions in the world, can exhaust them. Even at this early stage, try to put your baby in bed when he is tired, instead of already asleep. Most babe go her bed quickly after feeding and they have very short “sleeping window”. Basic newborn baby sleep Tips:

Behavior Tips

You can see the first smiles when your baby is 1 month old, but they are probably due to their reflexes and not to their responsiveness. More than six weeks later, your baby will probably smile at you. Many babies develop a colonic behavior at the age of one month and find their lungs.

Baby crying is always hurtful for parents. Search google for specific info about “how to get comfortable and help calm your baby. What works for baby in 1st day to appease them not be as useful for another. Amplify a range of comforting answers & test them with all. Remember, there is no good or bad way to calm your baby. If you’re kind and amiable, your babies must respond at your efforts. However, the time they react depends on many factors.

Developmental Tips

Baby will now pursue with her eyes and follow a object as he try to moves. They will mainly search your face and make eye contact with you for a few minutes. Babe is ready to watch her parents ‘faces, will hear voice and turn her to human voices. First interactive realization with you and other family member will improve your babies brain develop & turn to familiar with the world people. Baby are extremely vincible. To meet her need he depend at you all though the days.

Babies Growth Tips

Baby should well and above birth weight. Within 2 weeks of time period every babe recover his birth weight. The average weight gain at this age is between 150 and 200 grams per week. If your baby is not gaining weight and is not growing, there is a reason for this and it is important to talk to a health professional.

The extra fat will be evident in your baby’s thighs, belly and face. They may have more rolls of fat on their necks and arms. Do not be afraid that your baby will gain too much weight at this age. Babies who breastfeed normally gain a lot of weight during the first months of life, then stabilize or even decrease with weight gain. Formula-fed babies tend to gain weight at a more regular and consistent rate.

Keeping well

Your baby will have to be vaccinated for the first time in a month. So think about the options available to you. Most boards offer free vaccination services and attend clinics on certain days and at certain times. You may also want to see your doctor, but you will probably be charged a consultation fee.

Try to minimize your baby’s contact with someone who is not well. It makes sense to reduce any possible exposure to infections and, although you may not be able to completely isolate your baby, it will help you take reasonable precautions.

Hand washing is the number one method to control infections and minimize contamination. After changing your baby’s diaper and before feeding them, wash your hands and dry them well. Your hands may dry more than usual, so apply a good quality hand cream as often as possible.

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Staying safe Tips

Make a habit of lifting the sides of your baby’s bed before leaving. Even if there are still a few months left before your baby moves, it is a good habit to develop. Similarly, when your baby is at the changing table, on the couch or on any other surface, be sure to always have one hand on top. Active babies can become restless and wriggle and should be monitored with special care.

It is important that you always tie your baby to your stroller and your rocking chair. Use safety harnesses, even if they look incredibly large and bulky. They are designed to protect your baby. If your car has a wristband, be sure to use it as it is designed.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice to get used to equipment and furniture for babies. Try to try it when you are not in a hurry. Holding a crying baby in one arm and fighting with a folding stroller while trying to read the instructions is a situation that is best avoided.

Play and interaction Tips

Give your baby a period of abdominal monitoring every day. This will help them develop the strength of their neck and upper body. They can only tolerate this for short periods, but that does not prevent them from offering it.
Listen to music and try not to filter your baby’s world. Even if your baby is asleep, it may be tempting to walk on tiptoe throughout the house, but it can also be sensitive to environmental noise. Babies who come to families where there are already many young children seem to ignore the noise of the house and learn to adapt, because they have to.

What about mum?

Your emotions

Expect to be tired and cry a little. Your initial energy reserves of pregnancy have probably decreased and there will be times when you will feel very tired. The common advice to sleep when the baby is yours. Try not to see your dream as an opportunity to do a lot of work. Doing this will only exhaust you and exhaust you more.

Self care

Try not to neglect the basics. Showering, changing your clean clothes, brushing your teeth, combing your hair will make you feel infinitely better. Sometimes you just have to let the baby cry while you satisfy your own needs. It is a fact of life for many mothers. Your baby will not suffer if you leave him for short periods in a safe place, like his bed. Taking a break and doing something for yourself can dramatically change your perspective and give you renewed energy to invest in your baby.

Your sleep needs

Even if you’ve never had a diaper day, find out how. Sleeping is not necessarily the ultimate goal. Resting, getting up, reading a magazine or just doing nothing saves energy. Wait for your dream to break, this is normal at the beginning of parenthood. Your baby does not know or appreciate your need to sleep for a long time without resting at night, so waiting longer will not be realistic.

Your relationships

It will be a busy time, leaving few opportunities to work on your relationship. Try to prioritize what is essential and avoid feeling guilty if you do not have time to invest in your partner or friends. Most reasonable adults understand that young babies absorb their parents’ attention and energy enormously.

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