How to Get Rid of a Newborn Hiccups


Several ways to get rid of, stop or prevent newborn hiccups. It’s important to remember that most babies get hiccups in the first year, and they aren’t usually a cause for concern.

Babies Hiccups is generally caused by a sudden involuntary contraction of a squeeze of the diagram. It leads to a sharp intake of breath and results in a partial closure of the vocal cords. This often results in a violent blow of air intake. This is something natural that commonly happens to any human being but this scenario is also common in babies. Hiccup is a completely natural process. And this process helps to strengthen the vocal cords of a baby. Baby or a newborn child’s hiccups are sometimes called as baby acid reflux. This acid reflux usually results in hiccup. Because in this situation foods that are taken earlier find a way back to the esophagus of the newborn baby. Thereby this leads to discomforts and then finally hiccup. For a baby, most of the time hiccups occur just after eating because the baby’s stomach is yet to be adjusted properly. It is a fairly normal circumstance; a new mother shouldn’t get panicked and frightened when their babies start hiccupping.

When we’re talking about a newborn baby’s hiccups, we should also have to consider that, a baby who is yet to be born can also do some hiccups. It is also a natural phenomenon. So, if a pregnant mother experiences a sudden hiccup sensation in her womb, she must not be frightened. A baby usually experiences hiccup during the first six months of them. However, it is mandatory to know the difference between hiccups and choking. This article would be dealing with the causes of hiccups, the remedies of hiccups, the various differences between hiccups and chocking and also things to do to stop hiccups when they do occur.

What causes hiccups in newborns?

As we said, toddler hiccups are a fairly common thing, there are also some reasons behind this hiccup. A sudden contraction of a muscle called diaphragm causes hiccup. And for a newborn, this contraction is a much-needed thing. Because this contraction makes the muscle strong. Here are some known reasons for hiccups:

Feeding Role

  • The first and foremost causes of hiccups are strongly associated with feeding. When you feed your baby, the food goes straight to the stomach taking some air with it. When there is too much air goes to the stomach along with the food, it can cause hiccups. 

Weather Preface

  • The weather or climate also plays a role in newborn hiccups. Sometimes a change of weather or climate results in hiccups. A sudden drop in the weather temperature or newborn baby’s body temperature could lead to a contraction of the air intake muscle and which results in hiccups.

Pregnant Cause

  • When a pregnant mother is in her second trimester, the baby may start hiccupping in the womb. And when it happens, a mother can feel it. This is a fairly common cause of hiccupping when an unborn baby is developing his/her muscles. 

Baby Crying Effect

  • During crying or coughing, a newborn can hiccup. When a baby is in his/her first three months, they start to do it while crying or coughing. But when they age over twelve months and above, these hiccups don’t happen when they are crying or coughing.

How to stop baby hiccups when they occur


Don’t Panic

  • Hiccups are a natural thing. It happens to everyone. So, as a mother or father, you shouldn’t panic when hiccups happen to your baby. It will certainly disappear when the time comes.

Feeding Rules

  • When you are feeding some drinks like milk to your baby, always check the nipple of the bottle in order to ensure that the hole isn’t too wide open. Because a wide hole will provide extra air which will increase the possibility of hiccups.

Baby Comfort

  • When your newborn is having hiccups, what you can do is patting the back of your baby. And when feeding, make sure your baby and all your baby’s equipment are in a comfortable position.

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