How To Do Perfect Cat Eye Look (With Detailed Steps and Video)

How to Make Cat Eyes With Eyeliner.

The perfect cat eye look flick, otherwise known as Lauren Conrad’s signature look, is a flirty little makeup trick every girl should have in her beauty repertoire. We’ll admit, it’s not the easiest look to master but with the right tools and some simple steps, soon you’ll be applying a cat eye look like a pro

What Do You Need To Start!!

  • Eyeliner
  • Q-tip

Learn Steps by Steps

How To Do Perfect Cat Eye Look

Step 1: Draw a thin line at center of lid


Step 2: Draw a dot at the outer corner of your eye


One of the hardest things about cat eyes is making the wing on both sides of your eyes. So a little trick to do that follows the natural shape of your lower lash line as the curve of your lower lash line curves up draw a dot right in that outer corner of your eye.

Step 3: Draw a line to connect your outer corner to the dot (Perfect Cat Eye Look)


When you’re doing this part try not to point your pen or your brush instead you want to lay it flat also use your pinky to rest on your face so you can have a steady hand.

Step 4: Connect your first line on your lid to the dot


Connect the line that you do on the center of your lid to the dot and the outer corner.

Step 5: Fill the wing (Perfect Cat Eye Look)


Once you have that shape then you can go in and fill.

Step 6: Fill the inner corner


Start to fill in at the inner corner of your eye. Once you get to the real inner corner then you can use the point of your brush or your pattern.

Step 7: Make the liner thicker and perfect the edges (Perfect Cat Eye Look)


At this point this is where you can start to thicken your cat eyeliner and really perfect the shape I like to pull just a little bit to make the skin around my eye a little bit tighter and that gives me a really sharp line.

Step 8: Extend the tip of the wing


Rag your pen or your brush to extend the wing very gently.

Final Pro Tips: Perfect Cat Eye Look


Remember that, the farther you extend the wing the more dramatic the cat eye will be and if you ever mess up or really want to make that win perfect take a q-tip or wrap it up with a makeup wipe and that is like a magic eraser for any mistakes. Once the full cat eye is complete go back to the airliner and fill in any little spots just to make sure it’s nice and dark and black

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