What Do You Need To Start!!

  • Primer
  • Eyeliner

What to do before starting cat’s eye makeup?

You should take some precautions before you start putting on makeup. Pay attention for the next steps!

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

First step is to create a nice base for perfect cat eyes. Make sure first clean, tone and moisturize nicely. If you have red eyes, dark circles or bags, use serum or eye cream. They are doing wonders! To create the makeup, apply a primer first.

Step 2: Select A Good Eyeliner

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You’ve got the base done, it’s time to select a product that works to you. You can use a liquid liner or a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a pot. You have to use an angled brush or eyeliner brush. For simplicity, Use a felt tip eyeliner, it easy to use.

Let’s get started with “How To Do Perfect Cat Eye”

Step 1: Line The Upper Lash Line


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