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Burp newborn is definitely an important part of baby feeding. While burping, a baby throws out some of the air that he/she takes while feeding. So, it seems bad for a baby if he/she does not burp and shallows too much air. Swallowing too much air can make a baby spit up anytime or seem gassy.  

How to Burp Your Baby

When you feel an urgency in burp newborn, a simple trick could do the job. Gently putting repeatedly on your baby’s back could do the trick. And while doing it, you should cup your hand rather than patting your baby on a flat palm. This procedure makes your baby feel comfortable.

By any chance, if your baby spits up or throw some ‘wet burp’, you should place a clean towel under your baby’s chin. If this patting technique doesn’t work, then try some different position for burping which can make your newborn feel comfortable. Here are some other methods to burp newborn or baby.

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1. On Your Chest – burp newborn


You should sit straight up and hold your baby firmly against your chest. Make sure that, your baby’s chin is resting on your shoulder as support. Carry your baby on one hand resting your other hand. Sit upright and hold your baby against your chest. Your baby’s chin should rest on your shoulder as you support the baby with one hand. Then with your other hand gently pat your baby’s back. All the time you should sit on a rocking chair and you should slowly be rocking the chair with your baby. This trick could help you to burp newborn.

2. On your knees – burp newborn


You could follow another trick by holding your babysitting up on your lap. With your one hand support your baby’s chest and head and cradle your baby’s chin in the palm of your hand. Remember to rest the heel of your hand on the baby’s chest. When holding your baby’s chin, be aware of not to grip your baby’s throat. Now use your other hand to pat your baby’s back.

3. On your Shoulder – burp newborn


While feeding, if you see that your baby’s face seems fussy, then instantly stop feeding. Make your baby burb and then start feeding again.

Burp Newborn Issue Answer by Expert

How long does it take to burp a baby?

This is a question that is commonly asked by parents. And the perfect answer is, there is not an accurate set of time that how long does a baby take to burp. The duration may vary depending on the age, feeding frequency and many more. Young infants take different amounts of time. Some baby burb more than others. Sometimes some baby takes longer time than others. So, patience is the thing here. Do the techniques that we mentioned earlier. Don’t ever show RUSH here. Because they are not supposed to cope with your rush.

What if baby doesn’t burp and falls asleep?

It is not obvious that a baby will always burp after every cycle of feeding. To get rid of excessive air stuck on the baby’s belly, parents should pat their baby’s back after each feeing during the day. Sometimes they will burp, and sometimes they will not. A baby won’t always burp after feeding. But after feeding at day or night, I don’t think any parent should risk waking up their baby. They should let them fall asleep. But when your baby wakes up crying, then it is the best time to make them burp gently.

Do I need to burp my newborn?

Sometimes parents get very worried about seeing that their newborn is not burping after feeding. They might think that that additional air is going to make their baby’s stomach bloat. But you got to be ensured that, that air will make out of your baby. If not getting out of the top end, it will certainly get out of the bottom end. So don’t panic. If you think burping is needed, then do the steps mentioned earlier. If it doesn’t work, let nature do its work.

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