Best Online Shopping Sites – Asian Region

Best Online Shopping Sites – Asian Region

19 November, 2015

The next big shop opportunity and it’s take place right here in Asia.

A combination of spend among the region growing for middle class people. The fast emerging middle class people will hail in Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand and an increasing digital enabled popular and the long term growth for e-commerce that is being project for this region (Frost estimates e-commerce transactions grow 22% across Asia-Pacific region, it’s between 2011 and 2016), it’s means that chances are you’re spending more of time and money for savings online shopping.

But just which sites are most shoppers visiting to shop online? We ranking top five biggest e-commerce sites in Asia. The results might, just surprise you.

# 1  Alibaba, Worldwide                                                                     – checkout

Find World Biggest E-Commerce site in Asia


Alibaba Group Limited is the Biggest Chinese E-Commerce company that share C to C, B to C and B to B sales services via Web. It a Shopping Search Engine. The group start in 1999 when Jack Ma Created the website, This site connected with Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers.

Founded by Alibaba Group on May 10, 2003, also provide Marketplace facilitates for small businesses and Entrepreneurs to open online stores that mainly cater to consumers in Chinese-speaking regions (Mainland, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan) and others.

Amount raised: $23.5 Billion

Go to “Alibaba”                                            Checkout “Alibaba App” How looks like


2. Flipkart, India                                                                                  – checkout



Flipkart was founded in 2007. Flipkart is now based in Indian Region. The first product in Flipkart is books. Flipkart is growing more powerfully. It’s employs now more than 33000 people. Flipkart allows to many payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, e-gift voucher, Credit or Debit card, Net Banking on delivery.

Flipkart said, they focused on developing products for mobile devices and Flipkart decided to go app-only for mobile Users. “We are focusing on mobile. There is huge market inside India, 900 million people today use mobile phones in the country.

Amount raised: $15 Billion

Go to “Flipkart”                                                Checkout “Flipkart App” How looks like

# 3 Amazon, Worldwide                                                                   – checkout

Find World Biggest E-Commerce site in Asia

Amazon Inc is an American based Electronic Commerce Company. It is the Biggest online-based retailer in Worldwide. started online sells as bookstore, later convert to sell DVD, CD, Blu-rays, MP3, Software, Apparel, Video Games, Furniture, Electronics, Food, Jewelry and Toys. Amazon also create Electronic products as Fire tablets, Amazon Kindle, Fire Phone and Fire TV.

Amazons retail websites available for United Kingdom, United States and France, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India China and Mexico. Amazon also offers International shipping to many other countries.

Amount raised: $58.5 Billion

Go to “Amazon”                                                Checkout “Amazon App” How looks like


# 4 Taobao, China                                                                                 – checkout


Taobao is an Chinese website for online shopping that is operated from Inside China. Taobao Founder by Alibaba Group. Taobao Marketplace Facilitates C to C retail service give a platform for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Create online stores that mainly provide service to consumers in Chinese language regions (Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong).

Taobao around 760 million product listing on store. Taobao Marketplace is the world most top 10 visited websites according to Alexa website analyses.

Amount raised: 180 million

Go to “Taobao”                                                Checkout “Taobao App” How looks like


# 5 eBay, Worldwide                                                                                 – checkout


eBay Inc. is an American E-commerce Company providing C to C and B to C sales services. eBay was founder name Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Today, ebay is multi – billion business retailer service provider with over in thirty countries.

The company manages, an Online Auction service within Shopping website. eBay also care people and business buying and selling with variety of goods and services worldwide. eBay is free to use for anyone but buyers and sellers charged fees for listing and sold.

Amount raised: 180 million

Checkout  “”                                                 Checkout “eBay App” How looks like



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